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    OutKast (at Killer Mike) - Snappin’ & Trappin’

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    On Saturday, a Ferguson, Missouri police officer shot and killed an unarmed young black man by the name of Michael Brown. Michael was walking down the street with his friend when a police officer pulled over and asked them to get on the sidewalk. After the teenagers dismissed the officer’s request, he began to scuffle with Michael from out his patrol car. When Michael tried to run away, the officer fatally shot Michael several times despite his hands being raised in the air as a universal sign of non aggression and surrender. The incident has caused several protests and looting in Ferguson but the real story is the unjust killing of another black man in this country by police. This comes on the heels of the killing of Eric Garner and John Crawford. It has become a daily occurrence where police in this country are involved in the killing and harassment of innocent civilians. The police mantra is to “serve and protect”, but it seems apparent that when dealing with black people it is to “kill or be killed”. There is a real war being waged by the system on black and brown communities and it is time to stop turning the other cheek and start responding with rage. 

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    A News Anchor Draws Comparisons That Make The Story In Ferguson Seem Even More Shocking

    The conversation here puts the situation in Ferguson, Missouri, in a broader context. What we see from that 30,000-foot view is just … ugh. You’ll see.

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    Talib Kweli vs. Don Lemon

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    Turning point in #Ferguson? Police drew guns on Hip Hop artist/activist Talib Kweli & others, threatened to shoot last night. (Above) Kweli observes police were in rush formation BEFORE the water bottle was thrown at them. Major questions being raised about identity of individual who threw water bottle— possibly an agent provocateur, someone working for police to either invite riot or provide “justification” for police to assault a peaceful protest. (Left) Activist Phil Agnew, who is in Ferguson, says protesters are being depicted inaccurately. (Below) Example of an agent provocateur: notice the protester being tackled to the ground by police is wearing the EXACT SAME SHOES the police in uniform are wearing (?!?!) #mikebrown 

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    Serena Williams though


    Ughhhh her body

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    By @redaphotography

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